Program For Youth

Program For Youth:

For the first part of Saturday’s program, NYLT youth participants have a separate set of activities and presentations from the adult participants. We temporarily separate youth and adult participants to allow either group to work with each other to address specific issues.

Aside from being able to address common problems faced by youth staff with other youth staff, the Youth Track gives youth participants the time and space to meet and get to know other youth staff in the Northeast Region. These new friendships can be as much of a source of networking as goofing off, giving youth opportunities for mutual learning and fun.

The main activity for the youth track in 2014 was game/activity creation. Games and activities are often underrated and misused on NYLT courses despite being great opportunities for participant learning. Furthermore, NYLT Leadership Academy staff have noticed that many NYLT staff are never taught how to effectively reflect upon a game or activity. We hoped to use our time during the youth track to help participants learn how to develop, facilitate, and reflect upon games they create. Infusing creativity also pushes participants to rethink how they can personalize their courses beyond their presentations.

Based on mutual learning, top staff come together to learn and share information and practices to improve their courses.





In 2014, we offered three breakout sessions on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning for youth and adult participants to attend together. The topics we offered during combined sessions:

  • How Can Scoutmasters Use Their Newly NYLT Trained Youth?
  • Using Social Media to Promote, Distribute, and Network: Outcomes, Mechanics, and Apps to Make Operations More Efficient
  • Staff Development
  • NYLT Basics (part of a longer progression of learning how to put on the course for first time course directors) – offered during each breakout session
  • Adult vs. Youth Responsibilities/Working with Youth
  • Problem Solving Panel
  • Staff and Participant Performance Evaluations: How to Recognize True Growth in Youth
  • Add technology to NYLT: How to Use Technology Effectively in Your Course
  • Problem Solving Panel
  • Using Feedback as a Powerful Tool
  • Youth Protection, Dealing with Coed Situations: The Rules and Reality


  • Connect with other staffers from all over the Northeast Region
  • Take back great new information and ideas to create improvement/change in your home NYLT course
  • Voice your ideas and learn from others
  • Learn how to improve aspects of your home NYLT by DOING
  • Have Fun!

The fee for Youth Participants is $110.

Outline of the 2014 Youth track:

Activity Description
Icebreakers Youth-only icebreaking activities
Introduction to Games A presentation by NYLT Leadership Academy Staff on how to effectively use, facilitate and reflect upon games and activities.
Game Development Time Participants break into groups of three develop a purposeful game or activity that teaches an NYLT skill. Groups are asked to also develop reflection questions to debrief their game. Materials are limited to what is on hand and raw creativity is expected. The youth will lead these games for adult participants in a round robin circuit later Saturday afternoon. The purpose of this activity is to practice creativity, game planning and reflecting skills.
Set Up, Play and Clean Up Games Developed by Youth Youth facilitate and reflect their games in a round robin circuit for adult participants. The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate the youth’s ability to be creative and lead when give space and encouragement.
Communicating with Dinosaurs (Adults) Do you struggle to work with adults on your course? Are you and other youth staff listened to? Do your youth and your adult staff work as one team? If not, how do you improve how youth communicate with adult staff? This presentation will explore skills and practices to improve your youth-adult communication. Effective youth-adult communication builds stronger relationships which enable cooperation to work more effectively to develop your NYLT participants. Participants are highly encouraged to share stories, advice and problems.
Making NYLT Fun and Engaging Are your participants bored? Are your staff members bored? Does everyone wake up excited for another day of learning? If not, how do you make your course more fun and engaging without sacrificing the learning of participants and staff? This presentation will discuss how to make learning fun, engaging and effective. Participants are highly encouraged to share stories, advice and problems.
Combined Breakout Session Youth and adults have choices of breakout sessions that they can attend together.