The CDC began as a requirement for Course Directors, but this conference has evolved into a multilevel event with tracks for first time participants and returning participants and for youth and adult NYLT staff.

Based on mutual learning, top staff come together to learn and share information and practices to improve their courses. The conference is designed for Course Directors/Scoutmasters, Course Advisers, Staff Advisers, Senior Patrol Leaders, ASPL’s, and other youth staff who lead (or will lead) their council’s NYLT course.


The NYLT Leadership Academy youth and adult staff facilitate interactive sessions on key subjects ranging from promotions to program features, grub to gamesmanship, finance to fun, staff development to sustaining enrollment, camperships to campfires.



For councils that are going to hold their first NYLT course, we have a track that walks through the syllabus and offers in depth suggestions to make your first course successful. We’ll also have several sessions and panels to address specific issues you or your council may have.


In short, everything you could want to know about starting or improving your Council NYLT program will be here. For the past fifteen years, hundreds of Scouts and Scouters like yourself across the northeast have enjoyed the fellowship, learning, and camaraderie of this Conference, and we hope you’ll join us!

Other Notes:

  • If your Council has not recently conducted an NYLT course, the Alpine Conference is a great start to prepare you to successfully execute your first course.
  • You may wish to bring your Council’s promotional flyers, videos, staff development guides and other materials to display or share. Please bring it electronically to share.
  • This conference is open to anyone interested in NYLT and is not restricted to just those presently conducting their Council’s NYLT course.
  • The Alpine Conference is focused on councils in the northeast, but we welcome NYLT Scouts and Scouters from all councils nationwide to participate.

For the first part of the conference, youth and adult participate in different tracks geared to address the needs of either group. Both tracks will come together for combined sessions later in the weekend.